Our Nations' Children
Linguistic Daycare and Learning Center

Launching Into The Future

Our School has the privilege of being one of 60 in NJ that have been selected to participate in a national pilot program. Being part of this pilot means we will be one of the first linguistic childcare centers to satisfy national regulations! This pilot program provides our School with an abundance of grants for equipment, books, and supplies necessary for our children to learn and grow to meet and exceed these high standards. It will also provide our teachers with workshops that ensure we are always up-to-date with the latest teaching techniques and information. The pilot is aligning us with the national standards that all daycare and learning centers will need to meet within the next few years in order to continue providing services. Being a linguistic childcare center means our teachers not only incorporate English into our curriculum on a daily basis, but Spanish, Sign Language, Mandarin, and French as well. Our Nations' Children is very proud to be a part of this great opportunity only given to a select few!